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Oral History

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Because of repression in Francoist Spain (1939–75), the development of oral history in Spain was quite limited until the 1970s. It became well-developed in the early 1980s, and often had a focus on the Civil War years (1936–39), especially regarding the losers whose stories had been suppressed. The field was based at the University of Barcelona. Professor Mercedes Vilanova was a leading exponent, and combined it with her interest in quantification and social history. The Barcelona group sought to integrate oral sources with traditional written sources to create mainstream, not ghettoized, historical interpretations. They sought to give a public voice to neglected groups, such as women, illiterates, political leftists, and ethnic minorities. Also at Universidade De Santiago de Compostela, since 1887, Marc Wouters and Isaura Varela starter a Program of Oral History, about Spanish Civil War, exile and migración, continued since 2005 with nomesevoces. com Program about víctims of war and Francoist Dictatorship . All this Oral History Program can be used at www. terraememoria. usc. gal with 2100 interviene and 800 hours of récords.

In Britain, the Oral History Society has played a key role in facilitating and developing the use of oral history.

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